Project description

Walker’s Grille

Walker’s Grille is a family-owned restaurant that promotes sustainable practices through implementing green design and green restaurant strategies. Built within an existing LEED-certified, newly-constructed building complex in Metro Park Alexandria, Walker’s Grille uses practices and equipment that reduce energy consumption and water usage. The restaurant has also implemented a rigid recycling program, which will effectively reduce the restaurant’s carbon footprint and maintain the existing sustainable efforts that are already in place. The restaurant will serve as a “greening” model and example to other restaurants in Fairfax County.

Walker’s Grille supports the local farming community by providing locally-grown organic food and a healthier choice of foods to the community. Their meats and poultry are hormone, antibiotic, and pesticide-free and raised on all-natural vegetarian diets that are free from animal byproducts.

Walker’s Grille is LEED® Gold certified.