Project description

Pediatric Dental Care

The program for this project included a massive renovation of an existing restaurant facility and creation of a contemporary, appealing and welcoming children’s dental clinic.  The owners, Dr. and Ms. Han, are a husband-wife team that came to the project with strong ideas for functional use, high-end design and with the experience of two successful practice offices already in use. One of the first challenges of this project involved the extensive reworking of a former Thai restaurant located in what was originally a Hardy’s Restaurant.  As such, multiple challenges faced the team including site upgrades, building upgrades, past bad renovations and building repairs of the original 1980’s era facility. The owner’s had very strong hopes for an attractive contemporary design that would draw new patrons by using cutting edge architecture together with landscape upgrades and a strong site presence on Route 50 in the City of Fairfax.  Because of its location, the design was reviewed by the city’s BAR and additional requirements were added. Trinity Group Construction came to the project with their usual energy and quickly dealt with existing repair challenges.  Moving on to the new work, Ms. Han, who is also an interior designer, worked tirelessly with MGMA to bring the latest ideas on interior designs – appropriate to their young patients – and created a successful practice headquarters.  The range of bold colors, playful graphics and well organized equipment yielded an exciting space for the patients and staff. MGMA utilized a complex set of forms, wide ranging combination of materials and fundamentally green approaches to orientation, massing and energy efficient materials to deliver a first-class design solution.