Project description

Gunston Cove Business Center

The Gunston Cove Business Center consists of three buildings: 32,400 square feet, 13,500 square feet and 21,600 square feet. Two of the buildings had mezzanine making them two floors. The buildings were designed as upgraded flex office/warehouse condominiums and were built utilizing tilt-up concrete construction as the structural system of the exterior walls in order to save time and reduce construction costs. Thin brick was incorporated into the tilt-up panels to provide the upgraded appearance. Traditional structural steel columns and steel joists were utilized for the structure within the building envelope. In order to be sensitive to the neighbors, the site was master planned to arrange the three buildings such that the trucking area was screened from the residential properties. A special private sewer treatment/septic system with grey water recycling had to be installed. The buildings were also cut into the sloping site so that the front of the buildings facing the residential neighbors were kept at a single story in height while the rear façade were designed to have the greater clear heights (24′) desirable to the flex users. The design utilized offset building panels, arched parapet elements, two brick colors and concrete medallions and accent banding to help break up the façade and keep things at a more residential scale rather than a large commercial scale.