Project description

Clyde’s of Gallery Place

A 30,000 square foot restaurant with five seating areas, three bars and six separate private dining rooms allowing for a seating capacity of 566. The restaurant was designed by Rust Orling Architecture in collaboration with John Laytham, a principal owner of the Clyde’s Restaurant Group. The interior was inspired by the work of the famous 19th century architect Henry Hobson Richardson and is intended to present a classic Victorian downtown club/bar atmosphere, featuring vaulted ceilings throughout the restaurant.

Of special interest are the uniquely proportioned columns and balusters, turned from alternating pieces of cherry and walnut woods and a cozy dining room, paneled in the old club style with repeating patterns of ‘crotch mahogany’. The restaurant incorporates seven distinct wood species and ceiling designs throughout both floors.

The conservatory presents a wonderful dining experience. The glass walls and ceilings offer an airy feeling that overlooks Gallery Place Walk next to the Verizon Center in the heart of Chinatown. The room has detailing reminiscent of fabricated steel trusses evoking prototypical train station Victorian architecture.